Buyers Searching For Homes In Ottawa

I need your help. And more importantly, I have buyers that need your help.

Buyers that are homeless that are looking for properties with immediate occupancy, or very soon.

My name is Greg Hamre, from The Hamre real estate Team at RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa.

I got together with my team and we put together four pages of buyers that we're working with that are searching for homes right now. The list is quite long, it's broad across the city.

All the neighborhoods, inner downtown core, urban areas, the estate of homes of Manotick, Osgoode, Navan, Kanata, Cars.

It also includes condominiums, with immediate occupancy. If you can help, we can probably sell your house without even showing it!

There's that kind of a need for right now, the inventory level in Ottawa is dropping off considerably.

We can price out home with pricing that we can forecast into 2021.

We know the pricing is going to be strong next year and we can price the house accordingly. A mix of condos, townhouses, properties with pools in them.

Estate homes, rural million dollar properties. Quite a few on our list of people looking for a million, a million-plus dollar homes and building lots. Bungalows, four bedrooms in the 750 area in the suburbs and rural areas, in suburban areas like Orleans, Barrhaven, and Kanata 750 plus four bedrooms, detached.

In Chapel Hill, we've got a buyer looking in the million-dollar price range.

☎️If you're thinking of selling, we'd like to speak to you.

Now, we can still get you moved out and have somebody move in. Before the end of the year or first quarter of next year.

If you're thinking June, July, and August, listen, we have buyers that are still looking in those time periods. Some of them are flexible.

Certainly could use your help on this one.

⛄Lastly, our campaign, for the month of November is for the Snowsuit Fund.

We have drop boxes at our office at 1180 Place d'Orleans Drive. We're also working in conjunction with Kids Kingdom, OCCO kitchen, Sure Print.

♻️They also have drop boxes for lightly used or new snowsuits for kids up to 15 years old. We appreciate your help on that one as well.

If you have any questions on the real estate market, if you need any advice or want me to give you a market update, we're here to help.

My name is Greg Hamre, from The Hamre real estate Team at RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa. We hope to see you soon. Take care.

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