Buyers Market With No Buyers

Buyer's market without any buyers. 🏠💼 This is a headline that Bloomberg came out with just a couple of days ago. Since then, we've had a massive statement made by the US Federal Reserve Jerome Powell that they anticipate to make three rate cuts in the year 2024 but the year 2024 has not come just yet. 📉💬 In the past two months, in particular, we've seen far fewer sales than normal. 📊 You can still take advantage of this piece of the market. 💡 I strongly believe this market today and what has been, you can make great deals happen if you wanna talk predictions. 🤝🔍 Royal LePage is making predictions to see an increase in pricing up to 4.5% increase here in Ottawa. 📈 This coming year across the nation. 🇨🇦💰 You can expect increases as well. 💸 We've seen a reduction in sales, some regions up to 20 to 30%. 📉 What we haven't seen is a drastic decline in pricing. 📈 Now, every area is different, every region is different, every property is different and every home tells a different story. 🏘️📚 It's best to educate yourself on the market and work with the professional today. 📚👨‍💼

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