Biggest Compliment Is Customer Satisfaction

 I just received the biggest compliment.....
 ....that a realtor could ever ask for!❤️
 My clients trust me enough to buy from New Brunswick, they bought VIRTUALLY sight unseen. 
And I just met them here to give them the keys to their new condominium and their new building in downtown Ottawa. 
As we went through the front door and walked them through the unit for the first time in real life....
....They were like, Greg, this is beautiful, much better than we even imagined. 
They just went on and on with all kinds of accolades about their new lifestyle and new condo. And their new life in Ottawa that is just about to begin for them.
It was such a measurable experience for me. 
That's the measurement to me, it's the client satisfaction.
To have someone just overwhelmed with joy is just immeasurable. ❤️
I'm so excited for my clients. 
They're moving right along the Canal in Downtown Ottawa to start a new chapter in their lives. 
Allowing me to be a part of it was wonderful. 
They were referred to me by another RE/MAX Agent out of New Brunswick and that agent put their trust in me as well.
I never want to let anybody down and to make sure that that happens and it exceeds their expectation is just wonderful.
It's a great way to finish the day. 
My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa and the Hamre Real Estate Team. 
If you're thinking about moving to Ottawa or moving within Ottawa and you're stuck doing it virtually, you can trust that we'll make sure that we exceed your expectations on that front.
Have a great night. 
Everybody enjoy the warm weather. 
Thanks for watching my video.❤️

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