Best Time To Visit Ottawa

Our city looks beautiful at this time of year. 🌸

One of the things I like about Ottawa is the four seasons and every time that the view changes out of all the 52 weeks of the year, it's always different outside. 🌳

And this time of year it's spring and all the trees are in bloom. 🌼

We just had the tulip festival. 🌷

So, driving along the canal is absolutely gorgeous. 🚣

But at this time of year, I always go out and buy a couple of hanging baskets for the back deck. 🌺

We don't have a big yard. 🏡

We have a small yard and I always go to a local greenhouse or local gardener. 🌿

I used to go to Costco nice selection, but I don't find the soil keeps up with our summers. 🛒

The plants aren't as healthy and they don't last as long. 🌱

A little more maintenance. 🔧

So I went up to Gemells on highway 15 between Carleton Place and Smith Falls. 🚗

And I dealt with a lady named Judith and she helped me out and I said, I just want something that's gonna be changed through the season, but looked great, easy watering. 💦

And I said I had a tree die in my backyard and she knew the type of tree. 🌳

And she said, why don't you buy a crab apple? 🍏

So I'm driving around with a crab apple in between listings today. 🚙

This beautiful crab apple in my car, it looks gorgeous and it smells wonderful. 🌳

But if you know anything about planting crab apples and can help me out, please comment below or reach out to me. 🌳

I might need some help. 🆘

Green thumb is not my thing, but this crab apple tree it's going in my backyard. 🌳

I don't have a truck so it's in the car. 🚗

Smells great. 😊

Looking forward to another season. 🌸

Another change. 🔄

Hope to see you soon. 👋

Take care. 🌿

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