Best Referral REALTOR® in Ottawa

🌍 Have you ever had to change cities, to move, to pack up, and leave?

🏡 We're in a situation where you want to be connected with the best person on the other end, a REALTOR® that can show you the best neighbourhoods, the best areas to live in, the best restaurants, the best recreational facilities, really the neighbourhood expert or the city expert or the town, depending on where you're going.

🏙️ My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa and the Hamre Real Estate Team and relocation is a big part of our business.

🚚 Take great pride in telling people all about the city and when we pick them up at the airport on their house hunting trip after we work with them countless hours beforehand.

🏡 And today we're doing that with a lot of video meetings.

🌆 We wanna pick them up and show them where the highlights are where the best neighbourhoods are, where they'll want to live, where they want to eat, do the recreation and enjoy their lifestyle.

🌐 And to us, we need to be connected across Canada, the US and around the world.

🤝 It's a big part of the foundation of our business and we do a lot of interaction with other realtors.

👥 So we know who the best realtors are and the best fit for our client.

🌟 This week, we're in Mississauga at the jumpstart event.

🎉 It's a RE/MAX event by RE/MAX enterprise and specialists that'll have over 500 people there.

📚 I'm there to learn, but I'm also there to network.

🎤 We also have Chelsea in Hollywood, California this week.

🎩 She's speaking at the Maverick Convention of elite realtors.

👏 She's on a panel there, very proud of her, which she's there to learn as well to speak and to network.

🌟 And then Nic, Nic is out in Alberta.

🏒 He's out in Calgary this weekend and I, I know he was out there on Sunday to his old stomping ground in Alberta with Brooks Bandits, but he's out there to network.

🔍 There's a RE/MAX Hockey tournament happening six teams from across Canada and he'll be representing Ottawa and the Hamre Real Estate team.

💼 He's there to have fun, but he's also there to network to really get a grasp on who the shooters are, not only in the game but in the business.

🤝 If you're relocating in or out of Ottawa, we want to connect with you.

🔎 But if you're a realtor, looking for a great realtor that could take your client's experience to the next level, a professional realtor that understands relocation.

📞 We want to talk to you.

🏠 My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa and the Hamre Real Estate Team.

❤️ This is not our hobby, it's our passion and our profession and we absolutely love being a part of people moving in and out of Ottawa.

🤗 Hope to see you soon.

👋 Take care.

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