Best Elgin Street Restaurants

Where are Ottawa's best eateries?

We had friends / business aquaintances in from western Canada and wanted to show them the best!

A place that has a beautiful street setting, a little bit of a food destination that has a vibe to it.

And it was an easy choice.

And that was Elgin Street right along the Golden Triangle neighbourhood in downtown Ottawa.

The Golden Triangle neighbourhood is just to the east of Elgin Street along the Canal.

It's walking distance to the hotel district.

It has great walking score for all the eateries.

When you think of Ottawa and you think of Elgin Street, you think of a real variety of cuisines where whether it's French cuisine, Italian, lots of Asian options including Thai, Korean and Japanese, and a variety of nuvo kind of foodies and some really awesome Mexican taco joints as well.

And then to impress the guests, there is a variety of places that have really stepped it up and places that you go to for again, a business meeting and or a celebration, graduation anniversary or a birthday party where you really wanted to up the tempo not only the, the style of food and the luxury of that, but also the tempo of the service, better service experience in this service economy that we're in and the variety.

And on the north end it starts at Beckta which is in the old Fridays Roast Beef house building.

Then you hit Harmon's, which is absolutely decadent with the best of service that I've experienced in a long time in Ottawa.

And, and below that is Abby's, which is a cocktail bar which is excellent.

And if you're there, say hello to Tom!

He is just an unbelievable artist in the beverage making space.

There's Al's Steakhouse which has been redone in the last few years when you walk in, Sam will greet you and check in on you during your dinner.

That's kind of the who's who bar or restaurant in Ottawa.

They all meet on Elgin Street. That's where the local celebrities hang out.

And you're sure to see somebody that's famous, either a hockey player or maybe it's a politician or a celebrity that's visiting Ottawa .

Gitanes is one of my favourites.

The French restaurant right next to Lieutenants Pump, which I'll come back to and The Town restaurant which is a long narrow restaurant. It's great!

Has a sister bar called Citizens right on the other side. Wonderful service there.

Great food and lots of fun always.

And then there's a casual setting when you just want to meet with friends after work or on the weekend or during a post game of Ottawa Senators there.

There was lots of excitement there during the last World Cup, the streets were alive.

Everybody was out on the patios and those places would be like the Lieutenant's Pump, which has got a great patio on it.

Always a good energy and vibe and it's very spacious.

El Camino is across the street.

There's a rear patio.

I love to show up there on my bike.

The tacos are decadent and they make a great Margarita.

Pancho Villa is across the street. Always a legendary place for mexican food.

It's got one of the best patios up front, a great spot for people watching as well.

And then there's lots of pubs on the north end, British pub on one side and a Scottish pub on the other, both with, with exterior patios.

And don't let me forget the Whalesbone! 

The Whalesbone is a great spot for oysters and seafood/

That kind of East Coast flair has a rear patio which is awesome.

But I like to sit at the counter right in front of Barnes who shucks oysters all day long.

It tells you about everything, really entertaining person and a lot of fun to be with.

And then don't forget the breakfast scene on Elgin because Elgin Street never sleeps.

And that would start with the Elgin Street Diner which is open 24/7.  Its comfort food and breakfasts are phenomenal.

Staff's been there a very long time.

Great location right next to that is The Manx Pub, which is a bit of a cult classic bar. You go down a few stairs, there's just a little sign up front.

So you kind of have to know about it.

Mostly locals hang out there.

The food is great.

The service is phenomenal and it's open Saturdays and Sundays for brunch at 10 AM.

And there's always a line up.

Going a little farther north at the north end, you're going to hit Zak's Diner.

It's a staple in Ottawa.

It's a brand throughout Ottawa and all those restaurants are locally owned.

And so you're supporting local, you're supporting local chefs, local eateries and supporting our local streets, our food street and that would be Elgin Street.

I love living here.

I love working here.

My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa and the Hamre Real Estate Team.

If you're looking for a restaurant and you can't find it, just reach out to us.

But we know where the greatest restaurants are and the greatest strip and that would be Elgin Street.

That gets my vote.

Hope to see you soon on Elgin.

Exploring Ottawa's Finest Culinary Gems: Elgin Street's Best Eateries

When it comes to showcasing the best of Ottawa's culinary scene, Elgin Street emerges as an undisputed destination. Whether you have friends or business acquaintances visiting from western Canada or simply want to experience a beautiful street setting with a vibrant food scene, Elgin Street in the Golden Triangle neighborhood should be your top choice.

Located just east of Elgin Street along the Canal, the Golden Triangle neighborhood offers convenient proximity to the hotel district, making it an ideal location for exploring various eateries. The area boasts an excellent walking score, ensuring easy access to a multitude of dining options.

Elgin Street has gained a well-deserved reputation for its diverse culinary offerings. With influences from French, Italian, and Asian cuisines, including Thai, Korean, and Japanese, as well as nuvo-style eateries and fantastic Mexican taco joints, this street caters to all tastes and preferences.

To impress your guests, Elgin Street offers a range of establishments that have elevated both the style of food and the level of service. These venues are perfect for business meetings, celebrations, graduations, anniversaries, or birthday parties where you seek not only a culinary experience but also top-notch service.

Starting from the north end, Beckta stands out in the former Fridays Roast Beef house building. Its elegant atmosphere and gourmet cuisine make it a favorite among discerning diners. Harmon's, just a stone's throw away, offers a decadent experience complemented by impeccable service. Don't miss Abby's, a cocktail bar known for its excellence in mixology, where Tom's artistry in crafting beverages will leave you astounded.

Al's Steakhouse, recently renovated, exudes timeless charm. As you enter, you'll be greeted by Sam, who ensures a memorable dining experience throughout your evening. Known as the "who's who" bar or restaurant in Ottawa, Al's Steakhouse attracts local celebrities, politicians, and even visiting hockey players.

If you're craving French cuisine, Gitanes, located next to Lieutenants Pump, is a must-visit. The Town restaurant, with its long and narrow layout, offers a unique dining experience, complemented by the sister bar, Citizens, situated nearby. Prepare for great food, excellent service, and a lot of fun.

For a more casual setting, where you can unwind with friends after work or enjoy a post-game gathering, Elgin Street has you covered. Lieutenant's Pump, known for its lively patio and spacious interior, guarantees a vibrant atmosphere. Across the street, El Camino serves up decadent tacos and fantastic Margaritas on their rear patio. Pancho Villa, with its legendary reputation for Mexican cuisine, provides excellent people-watching opportunities from its front patio. Additionally, the area boasts numerous pubs, including British and Scottish establishments, each with their own exterior patios.

Let's not forget The Whalesbone, a haven for seafood lovers, particularly those seeking oysters and that distinct East Coast flair. Enjoy the rear patio or sit at the counter, where Barnes mesmerizes guests with his oyster-shucking skills and entertaining personality.

Elgin Street never sleeps, and breakfast options abound. Start with the iconic Elgin Street Diner, open 24/7, which offers phenomenal comfort food and breakfast dishes. Right next door, The Manx Pub, a hidden gem, draws locals with its exceptional food and remarkable service. Make sure to visit during brunch hours on Saturdays and Sundays, but expect a line-up.

As you head farther north, Zak's Diner awaits, a beloved Ottawa staple with multiple locations and a commitment to supporting local chefs and eateries. By dining on Elgin Street, you contribute to the vibrant local food scene and support the community. 

In conclusion, if you're searching for Ottawa's finest eateries, Elgin Street in the Golden Triangle neighborhood is the ultimate culinary destination. With its beautiful street setting, diverse range of cuisines, and vibrant atmosphere, Elgin Street offers an unparalleled dining experience. From upscale establishments that impress with their gourmet offerings and impeccable service to casual spots perfect for post-work gatherings or weekend hangouts, Elgin Street has something for everyone.

Whether you're indulging in French delicacies at Gitanes, savoring decadent tacos and Margaritas at El Camino, or enjoying fresh seafood and oysters at The Whalesbone, each culinary adventure on Elgin Street promises to delight your taste buds. And let's not forget the breakfast scene, where the Elgin Street Diner and The Manx Pub serve up comfort food and brunch favorites that draw locals and visitors alike.

Moreover, Elgin Street's vibrant energy and welcoming patios make it a hub for both locals and celebrities, offering opportunities for people-watching and memorable encounters. By dining on Elgin Street, you not only support local chefs and eateries but also contribute to the unique character and charm of Ottawa's food scene.

So, whether you're hosting guests from out of town or simply looking for a memorable culinary experience, Elgin Street should be at the top of your list. Embark on a gastronomic adventure, sample the diverse flavors, and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Ottawa's finest eateries on Elgin Street.

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