Best Day To Take Possession Of your New Home?

🏠 I often get asked which day of the 📆 week is best to take possession of a new home.

🤔 And this isn't just important for buyers, but for sellers as well.

👋 I'm Chelsea Hamre from the Hamre Team at RE/MAXffiliates in Ottawa and do not pick a Friday.

🚫 And here's why: the reason is if you pick a Friday and you get delayed, the banks get delayed, sometimes things shut down.

😔 Unfortunately, if it hits the fan, but you, if you pick a Friday and something does happen, you then can't until Monday and there are some other costs that you can incur as a buyer.

💡 So this is something that you definitely want to take into consideration.

📅 That's why I recommend a Tuesday to Thursday, but not the Thursday before a long weekend because the same rule applies.

⛓️ You don't want to be stuck.

🚚 You have your moving truck with you, you have all this stuff ready and that can be avoided just simply by moving the closing to Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

🏡 If we can help you with your house hunting and you need some tips with your offer.

🤝 It would be our pleasure to help. Not only will it help your realtor, it will help the lawyer, it will help the lender.

🌟 Everybody will be happy and you have a much better experience when everything is said and done, it would be our pleasure to help inspiring dreams of what we do.

📍 We know Ottawa and we'll talk to you soon.

👋 Take care.

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