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Home ownership comes with so many values and benefits, some we don't even consider.

Here are some principles that we should all know.

Coffee Talk with Karen

Karen MacDonald here from the Hamre real Estate team in Ottawa. Home Ownership - there are so many values and benefits - here are 3 that may be of interest

1. A home is a necessity now as well as an investment in your future. Your return on rent is -100%, -100%, renting benefits 1 person and that is the landlord
2.Equity is generated by mortgage payments, which also act as savings accounts. Once you build some equity in your home that becomes your stake in the property as opposed to the lenders.
3 While rents increase with inflation, mortgage payments remain stable. By renting instead of buying you risk paying more for housing every year instead of keeping your payment stable as you would if you purchase a home.

Now these are just a few things to consider.

If you have any questions or want chat about the benefits of home ownership call me at 613-978-1636.

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