Basketball & Real Estate

I grew up playing basketball my whole life, and I've been working with the Hamre Team now for just over three years. 🏀

And here are five things that I learned playing basketball that still apply to my day-to-day life now.

The first thing is no one can do it on their own. 🤝

Even the best players need good teammates, and nobody can truly do it all by themselves. 🌟

You see it in basketball all the time. 🏀

There are great players that are able to get a lot done on their own, but they only truly succeed and have that ultimate success when they're working with a great team. 🏆

And the same is true in real estate. 🏠

You need a great team behind you. 👥

Number two is you're not gonna make every shot. 🎯

And that doesn't mean that you're a bad player. 🚫🏀

That doesn't mean that you're not good. 🌟

It's just the way it works. 🔄

You're not gonna hit every shot. 🎯

Steph Curry, who's considered one of the best three-point shooters of all time, maybe the best, only shoots 40% from three. 🏀

That means he's missing 60% of his shots. 😱

That's how difficult it can be. 🤷‍♂️

And in real estate, the same is true. 🏘️

You're not gonna win every home that you put an offer in on. 🛒🏡

You're not always gonna get that win right away, and that brings you to my third point, and that is to keep shooting, to keep trying. 🎯

That doesn't mean you stop. 🛑

That doesn't mean that you fail. 🚫

It just means that you need to get back out there and take another shot. 🔄

Number four is that hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard. 💪🏅

And that basically means that you need to keep working hard, you need to keep on it. 🏋️‍♂️

You need to be studying the market every single day so that you know what's going on in the Ottawa real estate market, so that you know what's happening, and that way you can keep your clients informed and that way you can have the greatest chance of success because there's a lot of people out there that are very talented. 🏆

But if they're not working as hard as you, that means that you'll always have that edge, that edge in real estate. 🌟

And that brings me to number five. 🖐️

And this is something that applies to everything in life. 🌟

And that is if you stay ready, you don't have to get ready. 🛠️

Basically, what that means is being prepared. 📚

It's practicing. 🏀

We're not all Allen Iverson; we need to practice, and this is true in basketball, it's true in real estate. 🔄

It's true in everything; you always need to keep practicing so that you're ready to succeed. 🏆

Those are the five ways that basketball and real estate correlate. 🤝

If you can think of any others, please let me know. 🤔

My name is Leif Olson with the Hamre real estate team, RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa. 🏠

I love basketball and I love real estate. 🏀🏠

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