Bananas Remind Me Of Real Estate

🍌Bananas remind me of real estate and everybody wants the yellow bananas, the ones that look fresh on the shelf...
.....a lot like real estate when a house just goes on the market and it's priced correctly. 🍌🏠
👉When the bananas go brown and the brown spots are on the bananas, nobody wants them. 😕
And actually, those are still really great bananas, but they're not as attractive. 😊
And buyers don't find homes as attractive when they've been on the market too long. 🏡🕒
The problem with a lot of sellers make so is they overprice their home, and I call it the pendulum effect. ⚖️
So your house should be priced here, they overprice it, and then the price drops swing by what the house should have sold for originally when it was fresh with no brown spots on it. 📉
And it actually ends up selling below. 😔
The seller loses all their leverage. 😔💼
They are unable to obtain the emotions of buyers, and the buyer has all the control in the negotiation. 🤝💰
They have the leverage. 💪
So your price is off, your deposit isn't as strong. 💸📉
Your conditions are a list of conditions. 📝
Your closing date isn't as appealing, and they're asking for the moon as far as inclusions - don't make that mistake. 🚀🌕
Deal with a professional who can guide you to the finish line right off the starting gates, and that would be the Hamre Real Estate Team. ⚒️🏁
My name is Greg Hamre from RE/MAX Affiliates in Ottawa and the Hamre Real Estate Team. 👋

We hope to see you soon. Take care. 😊

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