Are You A Frustrated Buyer?

Are you a frustrated home buyer in this market? You don't have to be! ?
?You want to work with somebody who's crushing it in real estate!
I'm Chelsea Hamre from the Hamre Team at RE/MAX and yesterday was a huge win for two of my clients. ?
?They are so excited and both journeys were very different.
The first we started our journey a couple of weeks ago and I got to learn and get to know my client, what he wanted, what kind of lifestyle he wanted to be. ✨
?We started to look originally he thought he wanted to be in the suburbs. He's relocating from out of town. Then quickly came to notice that the lifestyle he wanted was actually to be downtown.
There's a lot of opportunity to buy downtown right now as well and get a good one deal - THE REAL DEAL! ?
?That being said we saw a couple of condos downtown put in an offer and was able to negotiate a really good deal for him. And he is so excited.
The second client, we were looking at terrace homes in Barrhaven. ?
♟Because we pay attention to the market, I was able to jump on this terrace home for him, win and just compete against one other offer.
We were quick, we were timely as well as we had a good strategy to get in. He is so excited, we got him again, another real deal. ⏰
?If I can help you win in this market we'll put in a strategy together, and we'll get you your first home.
☎️I'm so excited to be a part of that journey for you. If I can help you send me a message, visit our website, we know Ottawa or text or call me at (613) 868-3551.
I look forward to being a part of your home buying journey. ?
?‍♀️Have a great Saturday. I'm here downtown right now, showing more condos.
The Ottawa real estate market is very exciting. We can make anything happen for you. ?

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