Are People Still Buying Virtually?

We're often getting asked... are clients still buying homes completely virtually??
?I'm Chelsea Hamre from the Hamre Team at RE/MAX affiliates in Ottawa.
The answer to that is yes!?
?We still have clients who are buying homes completely virtually - it just happened again this week with my clients, Brianna and Dan.
From the beginning, since we were introduced by past clients of ours who gave them our name, we've been in touch virtually. ?
?‍♀️They're relocating from the GTA!
It started out with our buyer consultation over zoom. ?
?I got to get to learn about my clients, get to know them what they like, what they don't like, what they were looking for in a lifestyle, and was able to recommend them a few different neighborhoods here in Ottawa.
?From there, they were supposed to come last Sunday for a house-hunting trip, and then they weren't able to...
They said, Chelsea, we trust you to do this completely virtually. ??
?We know you've done it before with other clients and we've built a relationship with you. We trust you. So that's what we did.
We had five virtual showings. I used FaceTime with them - It was easiest for us. ??
?Then when it came to choosing one that they loved, that's when we got a new one! We won multiple offers and they are so happy.
We did that completely virtually. They haven't seen the home and all that with our trust and the confidence they have in us.?
?If you're looking to relocate to Ottawa, and you want to do this virtually we absolutely can. We've done it time and time again, and we will continue to do it for our clients who can't be here.
If you're looking to relocate within Ottawa too, and you want to see properties. that is still happening. Whatever works for you, we'll make it happen.✨
?I look forward to being a part of your buyer journey too. Take care

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