April 2021 Market Update

I am so excited to call Ottawa home...
...It's my hometown and it's thrilling.
BUT the buzz in Ottawa right now is the real estate market. 
And it's a frenzy it's but it's our time. It's Ottawa's time. 
The market has been flat here for years and all of a sudden it started to really boil and we're hitting price points that major cities should have.
What you're seeing right now is the volume of homes is really taken off. 
And what you're going to read in the paper in tomorrow's paper is that the market is up 164%!
164%. How is that possible? I heard there was a housing crisis that there was nothing for sale.
Well, there's lots for sale and there's lots more inventory coming. 
People are getting ready to move. Movement in the city is a bus. 
People are changing lifestyles. We just had a near-death experience 12 months ago. When pandemic was introduced, we thought, are we going to make it through this?
Are we in our forever home? 
Is this where I really want to be? 
And people are really taking a new look at life and they're moving to change lifestyles to change location. Some people are moving to rural cause they want space recreation. They're working from home. 
Others are taking advantage of living downtown because there's a bit of movement here.
Price points around a million dollars in a major city with no daily commute. 
 Shopping restaurants, recreation, four seasons, and a beautiful city. It's a national Capital. 
So much to do and see, but the buzz here is:  How does 164% make sense?
Well, it only makes sense if you really look at 12 months ago, when a lot of realtors stopped working, we didn't but a lot of realtors pulled up and left their clients.
☀️We helped our clients right through your buying or selling in the pandemic last year, we made it happen for you. 
And there's some wonderful stories about that. 
People relocating sight unseen to Ottawa, virtually buying their dream home and coming here. And by the time they moved in, their house had gone up in value.
❤️It was absolutely a wonderful experience. And we made some great relationships with some of our buyers and sellers in that deal because it was people who didn't know what they're going through. 
It was a crisis, but we managed it. We took people through that situation and. Buyers and sellers had a wonderful experience on our testimonials too, or proof to that 164%
Was that normal. No, it isn't normal. 
If you look back at a typical April, our, our market is up in 2021 by 19%. 
People are on the move. It's not just relocation in and out of Ottawa, but Ottawa is a destination. 
People are coming here for jobs. 
We sold three houses a week. People relocating, some of those people bought virtually and we're experiencing that on a weekly basis.
But a lot of those people are moving in Ottawa in to Ottawa because it's Ottawa's time. 
It's an experience where if you were downtown and you found the walls are coming in on you in the last 12 months, and you want more space, we know rural. 
If you're looking for suburbs, cause you want parks and recreation and that, and the hockey rinks and the latest and greatest and schools and technology suburbs, all manageable.nWell-designed in the city. 
If you want to be downtown, especially that 50 plus crowd, that's saying, "Hey, take me back to my roots. Take me back downtown. I want to enjoy the canal. I want to walk along the bike paths. I want to, I want to jog. I want to enjoy the market eateries and all that."
 We know how to take, we know how to live that lifestyle for you, and we can make that happen.
Downtown Ottawa is beautiful and I get it.
Can you imagine my buying in a major city for around a million dollars, we're selling suburbs for a million dollars. We're selling rural for a million dollars. 
You could live downtown, avoid the commute. When can you come back.
Enjoy the four-season recreation.
Enjoy the beauty of Ottawa. 
We're just about to kick off the Tulip Festival you've got to come down and see it. Walk along the canal, walk along the paths. 
It's absolutely breathtaking out in the suburbs today and out rural. Very affordable, lots of space within 35 minutes to downtown on a regular commute.
Can you imagine having a two-acre estate lot just outside the city, the major city in and around a million dollars. 
It's affordable. It's achievable in a city, a major city like Ottawa. 
It's unreal. We know Ottawa. 
That's our website. WeKnowOttawa.com
My name is Greg Hamre from The Hamre Real Estate Team and RE/MAX. 
If you're thinking of moving in and around the city, we want to talk to you now.☎️
If you're thinking of relocating to Ottawa, we'll pick you up. We'll do it virtually. We can show you the city. It's our pleasure. And we enjoy it. 

It's a thrill to speak to you today. Thanks for watching my video. We hope to see you soon. Take care.❤️

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