Agent Academy - Chelsea Hamre

When you educate, you attract! 🌟

I had the honour of being invited by Jon Cheplak, the leading sales coach in North America, to participate in the Agent Academy's sales challenge among 3000+ other guests.

It was an incredible experience that I'm thrilled to share! 🎉

Let me introduce you to someone truly remarkable.

She hails from a lineage of real estate pros. Chelsea Hamre brings strategy, tactics, and a peek behind the curtain for you to implement in your own online endeavors.

She's not just good; she's the real deal. 🏠💡

Thank you for that amazing intro and for allowing me to be a guest here with all of you. 🙏

Now, let's delve into the essentials.

Social media is the answer, plain and simple.

But how do you remain consistent with it? I'll take you through a step-by-step process of how I've leveraged social media to scale my business, convert clients, and boost sales.

Because let's face it, who doesn't want more sales? 📱💼

Remember this: The more people who know you're a realtor, the more sales you'll achieve.

Stay top of mind, be consistent, share your story, and let people know you're not just a REALTOR®, but an exceptional, knowledgeable, and client-winning realtor. 🏆

Whether you're on the buying side, listing side, or recruiting side, the key to garnering more leads is staying top of mind. Build credibility, likability, and trust even before people fully know you. 🤝💬

In today's world, people are checking social media before even considering reaching out to you. Here's my social media—feel free to connect! Scan my Instagram barcode or find me on Facebook at Chelsea Hamre.

Let's engage and connect further! 📲

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