5 Ds of Real Estate

💡 Have you heard of the Five Ds Driving the real estate market?

🎓 The top three that my clients are experiencing right now are diplomas, diamonds, and diapers.

❓ And what does that mean?

👋 I'm Chelsea Hamre with the Hamre Team at RE/MAX here in Ottawa, and my clients are experiencing life-changing moments.

🏆 I like to call it the milestone era.

🌟 We're all in some sort of era right now, and these life-changing moments—the diamonds, the diapers, the diplomas—are defining those changes in the real estate market for what my clients are experiencing.

👶 We're definitely seeing it or I'm seeing it right now with a lot of my clients that have bought with me before where these diapers are definitely the big factor.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 My clients, quite a few of them actually are having their 1st child, some are having their 2nd or 3rd.

👶 I even had one that just had their 4th.

🏠 And these are big lifestyle changes and milestones that I as a REALTOR®.

🎉 I get to be a part of. It's such an amazing experience to be a part of that.

💼 I share those milestones with my clients, but it also means that life causes people to move and especially those that have growing families.

🔍 We're looking at taking our next step and finding them something bigger, finding something that works more with their current lifestyle.

🗣️ Now, if you're looking or even thinking about now might be a good time for us to move or you know what we're thinking about having a child or a second child or such life event is happening.

🤔 Let's have a conversation and see what our next steps might be.

🛠️ There's really no size fits all when it comes to doing a buy and sell.

🔮 There's no magic formula.

🌈 It's all unique to your circumstance.

📞 So I'd love the opportunity to chat with you on how we can make those home goals happen, how we can factor in those 55 Ds into your lifestyle and make the best of it.

📲 Contact us today.

💻 Visit our website WeKnowOttawa.com or send me a DM directly here again.

👋 My name is Chelsea Hamre.

🏡 I'm representing the Hamre Team and I would love the opportunity to network with you.

🌟 Take care.

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