Creativity, passion, and hard work are the attributes Leif Olson uses to help his clients win in the Ottawa real estate market. Leif has received accolades for his work in graphic design and marketing from FACES,, and more.

Carleton University Graduate, Leif Olson uses his talent and knowledge of communications and technology to stay on the cutting edge. Passionate about the Ottawa community Leif is proud to support and work with initiatives like the Ottawa Snowsuit Fund.

Leif uses creative problem-solving to make dreams come true in Ottawa.  

Call: (613) 866-4769

Email: [email protected]

A Different Marketing Approach
When you’re selling a home, it’s important to make sure as many buyers see it as possible.
Offer Accepted, Now What?
Once your offer is accepted by the seller it starts the escrow period. You will be asked for a down payment, typically 1% of the purchase price.
Frustrated With The Selling Process?
Are you frustrated because your property didn’t sell immediately? With the way the real estate market looks right now and the value of your property, it should have sold in an instant!
How To Instantly Attract More Buyers
Have you put much thought into putting your property up for sale again? Your property hasn’t been on MLS for some time, and you might be hesitant to re-list a property over again.
What’s Your Motivation?
Everybody has a reason for listing their property. Do you remember what yours was? This reason fuels your motivation and drive to keep at it, even if your property doesn’t sell the first time.
Our Marketing Strategy
Let’s take a moment to talk about how we use both traditional and online strategies to promote your home to the largest group of qualified buyers.
What sales price should you list your home for?
When you hire us to list your property we provide you a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) which is a compilation of recent sales from your area.
Basketball & Real Estate
I grew up playing basketball my whole life, and I've been working with the Hamre Team now for just over three years.

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