Stage for Success

Blog by Ottawa Real Estate | Ottawa Homes for Sale | Ottawa Relocation | September 1st, 2011

 SELLING? Don’t forget to STAGE it!

 Staging To do list

One of our resent listing was staged by one of our accredited home stagers, Micheline Masson of Property Staged Home Staging & ReDesign. The house sold within a few days and the Seller comments were we loved the staged look so much we want to have the stagers come into stage our new house as soon as we move in.”

 Create a Lasting Impression – You want to create a positive reaction. Overlooking certain details can result in losing a potential buyer. Only list your home once it is 100% ready; inside and outside.

 A Plan For Success – With the proper guidance, the process of preparing to sell your home doesn’t have to be overwhelming or expensive. Most staged homes sell faster and for asking price or above. A stager will give you suggestions on where to focus your time and money. You may think you have to do A, when in fact B is more important. A great stager has the ability to use their creativity and use what is in the home.

 Deal with a Professional Accredited Stager – A professional accredited home stager has the ability to look at a home with a fresh pair of eyes; viewing the home just as a highly critical buyer would. Home owners tend to get accustomed to living with the small things that are on the “to-do” list. Staging is not being personal but showing personality because anyone can empty a house and remove a bunch of items leaving the home feel cold and vacant. It can be difficult to decide what should stay or go because of certain connections to the items; however a stager can help you quickly decide what should remain out and what should be packed away.

 Getting a Different Opinion – Some people live in their homes for years without really seeing it the way a professional accredited stager does. When selling your home, it is important to clearly show the function of each room. Removing or simply moving items can make a big difference on how the space works, therefore making it easier for buyers to visualize how they can use the space. Very few home buyers can visualize a homes’ potential, which is why selling a vacant property is just a difficult as selling a cluttered home. A professional stager will create the proper focal points throughout the home and make sure it flows properly.

 Ease Your Mind - Home stagers are on your side; if you succeed, they succeed. Doing it properly the first time can save unnecessary headaches. Recognize this isn’t a personal attack; we just want you to sell your house. You might not like what is said, but someone has to be honest with you. A good home stager will guide home owners in the right direction and they will not hesitate to share any concerns about pets, odours, or any other detail that needs to be addressed.