Top 10 Home-Selling Mistakes

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Blog by Ottawa Real Estate | Ottawa Homes for Sale | Ottawa Relocation | February 16th, 2010

Top 10 Home-Selling Mistakes

  1. Selling their house Private. Style Lose of time on the market with minimal and unprofessional exposure.
  2. Neglect repairs / maintenance 47% of buyers said that the need for major renovations would negatively influence their buying decision.
  3. Refusing to depersonalizeBuyers will feel emotionally disconnected by personal effects and religious items.
  4. OdoursFirst impressions matter. Cooking and Pet odours can turn a buyer off immediately. 
  5. Home vs. House – Emotions A Decorated home is different than a Staged home.  Knowing the difference will result in higher sales price and less time on the market. 
  6. Cleanliness - Make it "Q-Tip" clean. 
  7. Room Function Setting up a room as it is meant to be, making it easy for buyers to visualize.
  8. Refusal to Repair, Remodel, $$$ - Not investing in repairs and cosmetic fixes will result in larger price deductions and a longer time on the market. 
  9. Ignoring Professional Advise It is too costly to find out the hard way. 
  10. Not Staging / Listing prior to work completed - Make sure that your house looks amazing.

The Hamre team knows how to maximizing the appeal of your home. “Staging targets the psychological needs of buyers who are fuelled by their emotional/visual connection to a series of impressions and are drawn to a lifestyle created by professional staging.” – Carla Woolnough

Written by Greg Hamre & Carla Woolnough